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Providing care for individuals with special needs requires a person with a variety of experiences and attributes. Our application process is focused on offering employment to those who meet those qualifications.  We invite you to continue through the process only if you meet the pre-screening criteria listed in the recruitment or advertising link or from the specific instructions received of our Director of Human Resources and Services. 

If you do not meet the pre-screening criteria as listed in the recruitment or advertising link or you have not been directed to continue, please DO NOT CONTINUE. Your application will not be considered until you are pre-screened.  We ask that you please call 651-501-4690 for further information.

Our application process begins with these two components, both of which must be fully completed at one time.  This process may take up to 60 minutes and once you leave this website, you can not return later to finish – you will have to start over.


1.         CareProfiler Questionnaire

The first part is an assessment of attitudes and character attributes which we deem important to a human services position of caring for others. The questionnaire will assess your personal approach to providing care and working with others. The results of the questionnaire will be evaluated as a whole. Your answer to any single question will not be used to determine whether or not a job offer will be extended to you.


2.         Application for Employment

The second part is an employment application.  To complete the application, you will need to provide a variety of information such as your contact information, academic credentials and training, work history, employment contacts, complete and current reference information, short answers about yourself and your experiences, and your ability to meet the physical requirements of the position.  Completion of this second part will be easier if you have all of this information conveniently at hand at the time you begin.


You must complete each section of these two components of the process to submit your employment application for consideration to move further through the application process. However, please be aware that completion of this process is not, and should not be considered to be, an offer or guarantee of employment.


When you are ready to proceed, please click “NEXT” to complete the components of Care Profiler.